All Women Ejaculate and here is how

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Female Ejaculation Gushing or Squirting for heterosexual and lesbian couples

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This is a how to document about how to achieve female ejaculation or some times called squirting or gushing. This is training guide like learning to ride a bicycle.

This training does not promise you explosive pleasure or that this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. This page will just teach you a technique that will give you some different pleasure that you may not know about. Or it may just confirm you have been doing it right all along and you can just enjoy it.

Some explanation

In the 50s it was believed not all women could reach orgasm. Then with more and more information coming out people started to realize all women could reach orgasm with practice.

In the 60s performing oral sex on women was just starting to become popular today oral sex is expected by both sexes.

In the past few years female ejaculation is also taking front stage but it is still a taboo subject and once again many people have some misbelieves about it.

Fact any woman can ejaculate.

It is a learned process.

In a few years women will demand it like they demand orgasms and oral sex

Both of you should read this so you both understand what is happening.

Men very well understand ejaculation but it scares women. So it is a psychological issue as well as a physical issue. First you must learn the basics after you have mastered the basics, and then you will feel safe to try other positions and methods

One of the problems is, ejaculation often give women the sensation of having to urinate. But as any man will tell you there is no chance of urinating while ejaculating. The bodys muscles prevent that from happening. But because of womens fears, women stifle or block the ejaculation. It forces the ejaculate in to the bladder. This is why some times womens urine looks or smells different after an orgasm.

The best way for a woman to alleviate the fears of urinating is to go to the bathroom and clear herself completely before, so she will not be afraid of any accidents. Also if the woman lies on a towel for the first few times. The woman will realize if there is an accident, the towel can just be thrown in the wash. This will also alleviate the fears of urinating.

A woman must become comfortable with the idea so they can relax and enjoy it. When a man ejaculates he fights the sensation right up to the last second, then his whole body and mind changes and instead of fighting the ejaculation the man bares down or pushes to heighten the feeling.

Romance is very important in all sexual practices the higher the arousal, the better the chances of success. There is nothing wrong with incorporating some wine, music, soft lighting or anything else to help with the foreplay.

Lets begin,

First the woman lays on her back with her knees up and her legs apart in the basic missionary position.

Next you kneel by the womans right side with you right knee by her right leg below her buttocks and your left knee by her waist above her buttocks.

Now hold you right hand with your middle finger and ring finger bent over touching you palm with the middle finger and ring finger pointing to the ceiling and you index finger, little finger and thumb straight and pointing to the floor.

This is as good a time as any to mention, make sure your middle fingernail and ring fingernail are trimmed as short as possible. Nothing will spoil the moment like scratching the woman with your fingernail.

This is the basic hand position, again, once you have mastered the process you can experiment with other methods but for now just use this hand position.

Now insert your middle finger and ring finger in. if you are holding your hand correctly you should feel the womans pubic bone under your middle finger and ring finger. The soft bump you will feel is what is commonly known as the G Spot.

Using a circler motion start to stroke the G Spot with your middle finger and ring finger together at the same time moving towards the palm and them straighten them. Start to bend your middle finger and ring finger up together in a stroking motion. A little lifting motion with the hand will help get the pressure need.

The palm of your right hand also applies some pressure on the out side to the clitoris add to the arousal and pleasure with the same rhythm as you fingers. This motion is like you are squeezing you middle finger and ring finger to you palm.

The speed of the process is what ever feels good, but normally it starts slow and slowly speeds up until orgasm.

With the left hand apply some firm pressure with a massaging motion of the womans abdomen below her belly button and just above the pubic bone. Increasing the pressure as she ejaculates

At this time the women will be having a strong sensation of having to urinate. If the woman has followed all the preparations listed above. She can just let go and start to push and enjoy the feeling.

The ejaculate you will notice is thicker than urine and it is slippery. The amount and frequency will very from woman to woman.

After wards discuss with the woman what felt good and what did not. Practice makes perfect. So it may take a while, especially for the woman overcoming the fear of the strong sensation of having to urinate.

It is possible for a woman to do this by herself but she needs to be in more of a sitting position. The woman lays on her back with her knees up and her legs apart in the basic missionary position, but with some pillows under her back and shoulders so she is in an Exercise Crunch Sit Up Position.

If you are left handed of coarse you will want to do the whole process in reverse with the left hand.

If this has been helpful we would like to hear what you think

Below is a video of the finger motion.